Theodicy Jazz Collective

Theodicy Jazz Collective is committed to making justice real through the creative, spiritual power of music. The group believes that music has the power to promote peace and justice in society and that the jazz principles of community, flexibility, and listening can help the church thrive in our rapidly changing world. Inspired by jazz, blues, gospel, traditional hymns, and world music, Theodicy has been featured at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Trinity Wall Street, Canterbury Cathedral, on National Public Radio, at Cambridge, Oxford, and Yale Universities, Oberlin Conservatory, and in communities across England and the United States from Massachusetts to Mississippi, Los Angeles to London.


Tired of the “traditional vs. contemporary” liturgy debate that so often distracts us from authentic, communal worship, Theodicy seeks to offer a new approach. Far from abandoning tradition, Theodicy expands the poetry of the Church by combining jazz rhythms and harmonies with the rich liturgies found in the Book of Common Prayer, the oral tradition of spirituals, and established hymnody. Bringing voices from the margins of society into the center of tradition and liturgy, Theodicy’s services, workshops, concerts, and conferences, explore the theological questions of the twenty-first century with a commitment to musical and academic excellence, responsiveness to the Spirit, and a love of tradition and the liturgical canon.

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